The Academy of Brain Bliss

is a home for advancing education on the

luminous grace and wisdom that surrounds us as a natural extension of human neurobiology and applied psycho-acoustics.  We teach about the use of light and sound to revitalize human well-being.

Connect with us to dance joyfully into a life of freedom!

    • Freedom to fulfill your dreams
    • Financial and business success
    • Happiness, playfulness and joy
    • Peak performance
    • Memory, energy and health
    • Passion for creativity
    • Decreased risk of depression
    • Decreased cycle of pain and stress
    • Decreased risk of addiction

Free LightSound Experience

Experience Allumina LightSound in the comfort of your own home. Join Mahalia on the first of every month at 9am pacific time for a 20 minute complimentary remote group Allumination.

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brain-bliss-ebookBased on Mahalia’s true life story of overcoming debilitating head injury, PTSD and deep personal trauma, she shares the keys to optimizing the health of your brain and body using the science of LightSound.  Our birthright of Bliss is a gateway into pure passion, pleasure and freedom.

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Take back your brain power by participating in Mahalia’s educational, informative and inspiring webinar. She will show you how to turn on your brilliance, find your bliss and free your higher mind.

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See what others have to say about Brain-Bliss

Mahalia’s brain-bliss sound healing changed my life! Before she worked on me, I was feeling suffocated, intimidated, and controlled by an energy that was negatively effecting my space. After 10 minutes of brain-bliss, I could breathe easier, my senses were 100 times more alive, and I felt an overall awakening of my divine Goddess nature. I cannot thank her enough for the beautiful healing work she has done for me. I highly recommend her!
Feona Lee Jones
Feona Lee Jones
I had a concussion a few months ago and I was dizzy and off balance. I had five sessions of brain-bliss sound healing and my health is back, my verbal skills are better, I found my balance and I have more energy. I highly recommend Mahalia's work.
Reverend Ray Wiggins
Reverend Ray Wiggins
brain-bliss sound healing is remarkable. I was battling with a nicotine addiction and it showed up in my session with Mahalia. We released a grieving process that was in my lungs and in the back of my heart. It prompted me to quit the next day and I have been nicotine free ever since. I feel amazing! I had a powerful release and my energy is expanded. This was profound and a huge game changer. I highly recommend this work.
Jim Case
Jim Case
Higher Brain Living Facilitator

Say YES to your Health and Freedom

and Amplify YOUR Brilliance Today!


Turn on your Brilliance


  • *Learn about brain trauma
  • *Gain awareness for brain optimization
  • *Understand the gifts from the whales + dolphins
  • *Discover your brain waves
  • *Connect with your neurotransmitters
  • *Awaken your angelic dolphin brain
  • *Amplify your biology with light sound

Brain-Bliss Level 1

Re-Boot Your Operating System


  • A 3 month platform with weekly calls to advance and accelerate your JOYFUL LIFE!
  • * 3, 30 minute weekly calls with a TOPIC
  • * Brain-Bliss LightSound during each call
  • * Cleaning the past
  • * Optimization and Allumination

Brain-Bliss Level 2

Unleash Your Brilliance


  • A 3 month platform with weekly calls to advance and accelerate your BRILLIANCE!
  • * 2, 30 minute weekly calls with TOPIC
  • * Brain-Bliss LightSound during each call
  • * Flow
  • * Advanced Education

Brain-Bliss Level 3

The Lights are ON and Everybody is Home


  • A heavenly oasis nestled with the white whale and dolphin lightsound to inhale and exhale your inner most LUMINOSITY!
  • * A Retreat into Paradise
  • * Soul Soothing
  • * Nourishment
  • * Coming Home

Experience Brain-Bliss in The Comfort Of Your Home

What are you waiting for? "Say YES quickly" -Rumi