“Brain-Bliss is the perfect blend of science, spirituality and intuition.” -Surbhi Raja

 Praise for Brain-Bliss Light Sound

“This process you extended is so beautiful. With the greatest peace I have ever felt, I thank you with my whole being.” -🌟💫🌟Kristin

” … Mahalia, I turn to liquid when I hear your voice. You decorate the air with your words.” D.M.H.

“Hi Mahalia,

I was on your call this morning and it was so nice to hear your voice again and the dolphin and whale sounds. Since the Wednesday was not running for the past few months today I felt like a new born remembering something I already knew. It was truly wonderful and because of the time away I also realized how much it makes such a difference in my life.” -C.Z.

“I feel like I am no longer broken- there is nothing more to ‘fix’. I feel so strong and so whole and it wasn’t until just now I realized this truth. And I credit Brain Bliss in a HUMUNGOUS way for my paradigm shift. One year and a bit is really all it took. I am living my true life now.”
– Brain Blisser K.M.F

“I am turning 87 years old this month and played the accordion for seventy years. This included long hours of daily practice. The weight of holding my twenty-nine pound accordion around my neck caused gradual disc degeneration in my cervical vertebrae. I also developed a very painful shingle in my right hip and upper leg. I started to have chronic pain and decline in my mobility.
Mahalia was recommended to me by my nephew whose family had success working with her Brain-Bliss system.
By experiencing her whale and dolphin sounds over the phone,
I have gone from 50% to 90% range of motion in my neck. By our eighth session, I have mobility in my neck and I no longer feel the shingle in my right hip and upper leg. The pain is gone. It’s like it’s cured! I couldn’t be happier. I don’t know how she does what she does but I hope she helps many more people. Thank you.” -Leo Aquino World Class Canadian Concert Accordionist who at the peak of his career, performed in the Opera Orchestra for Pavarotti’s concert in Vancouver, BC.

“I miss our “Lady Bliss” classes!  (I need to listen
to the replays!)

I enjoyed Wednesday’s Relationship
Bliss calls–it brought up trapped emotions.
I cried and cried and let sorrow go through
my system/body.
I am so thankful for you and your programs.
And thankful that I can release emotions that have
been suppressed and causing me harm.” -Melanae

“I’ve been doing well since the brain Bliss session, and it’s helped me through a few circumstances which might have otherwise been downers… but I’m learning how to shift attitude and how I choose to respond.
Risa is the real Miracle story here because she seems to have been coherent ever since that day, whereas prior to that she looked like someone suffering dementia. I had dinner with her yesterday and we actually had a very constructive conversation about her plans, and she was able to process everything no problems.” . -Peter S.

“Hi Mahalia,

Listened to your free call this morning. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I could listen to you everyday, all day.” Love and hugs to you, Christine

“Hi Mahalia,
Just some updates from our three sessions. They helped me to get off Ativan which is like Xanax. For some reason my morning anxiety went down and my need to take Ativan started to go away. Everyone was afraid I would go through withdrawal. I felt nothing. I can only attribute it to you.” . -Carol C.

I can not believe her work…it is simply amazing, original….world class.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. -MR

“I love all the Brain-Bliss transmissions .. for me this is pure magic and grace and any dollar amount cannot justify it. I am just in awe of your streaming love for us, the participants.” -Tatyana

“Aloha Mahalia xoxoox  Mahalo with all my heart for everything you do …  Loved your calls yesterday and today.  Love the Brain-Bliss and feel it has kept me in this body numerous times. I love you very much and am so grateful for you.” xooxo  Love and Light, Sadhika

“Dear Sweet and Magnificent……Mahalia

…  On Tuesday’s call, I could feel about 4 different shifts in my tail bone … On all the calls, I always noticed something…I feel so blessed to have you teaching us.  I marvel at how you explain it all and how much you know.  Repeating the sessions has really helped for all of it to sink in.  My body knows and loves the process even if my brain says over load….lol.  So glad it is a slow process.  Thank you for that.

Today is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH BRAIN- BLISS. I would say the biggest difference is having more “inner peace.”   Amen

Many Wonderful Whale and Dolphin Blessings…XOXOX Lynn

“Dearest Mahalia,

Today’s work was profound. Doing the Brain-Bliss Re-boot and doing the double sessions has been mind blowing! I think that’s why I wrote to you what I wrote to you the last time. There have been MASSIVE shifts!! MASSIVE! Like I’m starting my life over with a CRYSTAL CLEAR SLATE and I have no idea what’s happening next.

It’s as if every dysfunctional experience of my life, in a very specific way, has come up for me to look at in my face, for me to deal with, SEE IT, REALLY SEE “IT” and see how HUGE the betrayals were and BLOW THEM UP and AWAY.

… * The experience today and tonight with the Kundalini energy was the topper …

… I’m at square one. I’ve been speaking up without emotional charge for three years now and shifting in quantum leaps. And since I’ve been working with you, it’s been astounding.

.. I have no words to actually communicate all the good that is happening.

I’m sending you lots of love, dear Mahalia.

Thank you from the fullness of my heart.”

Love, love, love,

Kathleen Mazzola
Santa Monica, CA

“Hi Mahalia … Thank you so much. I am loving everything I’m getting from Brain-Bliss. I feel there’s so much to learn about our brain and how it works and I’m absolutely loving it. What I’ve been practicing is making wonderful changes in my life.” Hugs, Cathy

“Just letting you know that the dance continues and we are amazed at the shifts in our brains and responses to situations and life from your brain-bliss program.   We talk daily to share.  It is truly life changing as we feel our brains working differently and opening up to a new way of seeing and being.  It is indeed the doorway to perceiving a new reality.  I won’t take up your precious time by telling you all the shifts and ways we notice we are handling things differently and enjoying life more.  And most importantly enjoying ourselves more and how we view us and our world in a more positive and loving way.  More vitality.  Focusing outward and giving instead of inward and retreating.  More memory, more groundedness and more freedom.  Feeling we are okay and life is okay.  Seeing patterns we have held for our whole life disappear and just not be there.  More focus, concentration, ease socially, fear disappearing, thinking more clearly.  Feeling enjoyment and laughter come back in to our lives.  We can’t wait to dance each day.  And use your tools all the time.  Feeling more of an awareness of life as light and music and other people as light and music each vibrating at their own frequency playing their own tune.  And their music is nice and unique.  Just as we are unique.  Being more accepting and loving of ourselves and others.  We are so grateful for the repatterning from the whales and dolphins and you and your healing team, and our healing teams, angels, galactic helpers, and Source energy, and All That Is for giving us this gift of Brain-Bliss at this time.  We treasure this special gift.  Thank you.”

-Blessings to you, 70 year old ‘Anonymous’ twins 🙂

“Dear Mahalia,

I want to thank you so very much for gifting to me a one

on one session with you. I have worked with many, many

healers and you are a combination of them all—-you knew

what to do and how to assist me.

I have felt dis-connected from myself most of my life. In our

session together (March 18, 2017) I had a major break-through

and you were a big part of it. Like a mid-wife, you helped give

birth “to me” and now I have come out of the cocoon; reclaiming

my femininity/my womanhood and knowing that I am of worth

and of value. (You were the catalyst for the recovery of me.)

Because of my healing session with you, I am now able to

forgive myself—no more hatred but love for the creation that

I am and the woman that I am becoming.

I would highly recommend Mahalia to any women who wants

to reclaim her self, her power and her light essence.

Many blessings to you Lady Bliss!”

Lots of love,

Melanae AZ

“Mahalia is more than a therapist, she is committed to a beautiful life for all. She sees beyond the individual and carries this dream of a better world wherever she goes. -Sebastien Chabot Professional Oil & Gas negotiator, Calgary

“Hi Mahalia,

Thank you so much for all that you do, hearing your voice weekly and the message you are sending out is warming and inspiring … On the call about our kundalini energy I felt nothing on the call but it was last night in the middle of the night when I woke up which has been every night for weeks now I felt my body vibrating deep within almost like I had caffeine in my system and this was not the first night this happened but last night I realized what was actually happening (my kundalini energy as you spoke of on the call) was raising up and making a stink (haha I think). I think in all truth it’s been quite dormant and feeling that last night and having that ‘a ha’ moment was awakening … I’m remaining calm though at times the breathing is challenging as it creates an anxious feeling but knowing what it is helps and I try not to resist but let it all take its natural course…

Thank you again for all you give of yourself to the world and I love this journey with you and all the other folks on the call.”


Dear Mahalia,

Thank you very much for the LadyBliss information you shared with us last night. I love it.

I did the morning breathing and I am feeling the tingling in my body ..

… I am very positive that I can achieve this deep healing, because you are providing the missing tools and your valuable support.

I am deeply grateful that you came in my life! I cannot wait for my one-on-one session with you on Monday.

Thank you for all the love you have for the women and
your dedication to help them!

Love and many blessings,

A guest writing about her ‘Relationship-Bliss’ experience …

“Hi Mahalia, as simple as it may seem. It stunned me that men need “freedom” and women need “connection.” It changed my life. It gave me the opportunity to see men, in my life, or walking down the street, wherever, in a new and compassionate way. Their need to win and my need to connect was never understood. This insight cleared away a lifetime of misalignment for me. I realize, that what I really wanted, for example from my brothers, was to feel connected. All along I thought I wanted them to recognize me. “Hello guys, I’m standing right here.” but in fact, I wanted to feel connected; massive difference. Coming from a family of five strong driven brothers, a strong and focused father, and a loving and powerful husband, it was a bit of a struggle until now. The beauty for me is that I can celebrate their wins… I can see that they have met the challenges that life presented to them and that they were and are victorious. I always celebrated their accomplishments but it feels different to me now. It feels like freedom! For them and for me.” -Kathleen Mazzola Playwright, Santa Monica

.. and …

From the first Relationship-Bliss session on Wednesday morning, I began to heal some
misunderstandings and oversights I had with my partner; and my five brothers.

It gave me insight into the areas of pain in their lives and the areas of joy in their lives.
It makes it simple to see why chaos and violence exist in the world today…

And of course I see my feminine clearly now. Having it defined has given me the opportunity
to see myself in a simple way.”

I’m sending so much love to you and yours,


“So…..I love Brain Bliss … What I do love is the amazing blessing of this gift and how blissed out I get during the classes. You are doing such a loving service for all of us and the earth.” Love you forever, Sadhika

“Dear Sweet Mahalia .. I have found that having your tools has REALLY helped me manage “life’s demands at this time” much better and I know in the future that ALL my wishes will manifest. I love the Bliss Process. It is life changing.” -Lynn B

“I did the free Brain-Bliss call the other morning …. 😂 …. I was so full of joy when we finished that I spent about two hours dancing and singing to all my favorite music that afternoon. I swear it was the Brain-Bliss. Can’t wait to start the course on Sept.14th.” -C.S.

From a new Brain-Bliss Level 1 guest … “I am so blown away by this!!! I am so grateful!!” -R.S.

“Hi Mahalia, X’s and O’s to you and your tribe. And by the way, I forgot to mention….

I have a tooth that has been troublesome for about 7 months. This morning when I woke up…the inflamation was almost completely gone. I love the vibration in the teeth and the bless’ed triangle.
Talk about “good vibrations”? These are marvelous! Yay!” Kathleen

“Good morning Mahalia, The Brain Bliss Light Sound Coupled With Your Incredible Education Is Truly A Remarkable Experience That Everyone Should Treat Themselves Too!!!

Sending Copious Amounts Of Love Your Way.”
Linda Dugan

A guest after her 4th Brain-Bliss ALLUMINATION .. “I was talking to my mom today and was on speaker phone. My sister did not recognize my voice, she did not know my mom was talking to me. She said I sounded different. My mom said she agreed and had been thinking that the last 4/5 times we had spoken which was about when you and I started doing 1 on 1’s. Crazy, eh? I thought that was pretty darn cool!! Have a Fabulosa absolutely stunning Thursday!!!” -K.C. 💪🏻🚒❤️

“Mahalia and dolphins and whales …
I am so grateful to have been invited to do the Brain-Bliss Re-Boot again, learning in an entirely new realm… thank you, thank you… when we toned for our higher brain, my tone matched yours so completely, it became one and I could not tell the difference of whose tone was whose. love!” -Kimm


I need you … I was lost back into old patterns of thinking and feeling.

Your nudge is exactly what I needed.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,

I wonder how many will read your words tomorrow.

So supportive, inspiring, comforting and empowering!


Lou Ellen

“… I have not had a period for a few years. After these 4 Brain-Bliss sessions … Guess what happened?! AND. I wasn’t even grumpy about it. 🙂 I was excited because it was another testament that what we were doing was working. Fabulous…indeed.!!!

As a very young girl, I was only a few feet away from my younger sibling as he passed away in a traumatic event which injured other family members. This particular event placed myself and my family on a path which took years for me to comprehend.

I have seen many counselors, spoken to many doctors and worked diligently to heal and to love myself and my life. Just before being introduced to Brain-Bliss and Mahalia, I had a period of a few days where I dedicated myself to entering a path where I would heal 100% and truly know wholeness. When I first heard Mahalia’s story and listened to her, I knew that Brain Bliss was an answer to my prayers.

For anyone committed to effecting their own ability to create a life they love and experience true bliss… Please join Brain-Bliss with whole hearted commitment to being able to shape your life and life experiences. Mahalia has guidance and knowledge that once embraced leads to a wholeness where bliss revels and thrives. I loved the Brain-Bliss class, and greatly cherished my one on one experience with Mahalia because working with her was where I finally found peace and freedom in the most honoring way.

I love you, my sister of Bliss!! I hope you feel the sense of liberation you gave me. Words are inadequate for expressing my gratitude.” -Kristin Curtis Firefighter

“Mahalia, You are AMAZING and a real BLESSING! And we all THANK YOU from the bottom of our HEARTS!
Star, Amos and Ben

“Dear Mahalia,

Just so you know, as a three year old I fractured the front of my skull in three places and endured a severe concussion. When I was six years old, I dove into the shallow end of a pool and broke my nose so severely that when the doctors examined it, they said it was the worst break they had ever seen. After I broke my nose as a child, I broke it two more times. Once as a thirteen year old, and once at twenty four years old.

The last and final time ( I pray to God) I injured myself was when I fell down a flight of eight concert stairs and fractured the back of my head in two places giving myself another concussion. I broke two ribs and also hairline fractured another. I displaced a disk in my lower back and tore my rotator cuff. It was nasty and when I came too I actually thought I had died. From that fall I also endured ringing in my ears for three years and had incredible floaters and flashing lights in my eyes for the same.

The glory of the work you do is astounding. The gift you’ve been given by God, or whoever you choose to believe in, is beyond words. The magnificent whales, who found you and honored you to work with humans and I would think animals, make me weep when I see them, and of course the most remarkable dolphins who have always touched my life and soul profoundly.

What I also wanted to share with you is this, I can actually feel a gentle but intense healing going on in different parts of my body. Especially in the front part of my skull and brain (where I severly fractured it as a child) and on the high left hand side of my skull and brain, that were fractured after my fall.

I also want to mention that I had terrible radiation burns from using a cell phone on a long distance trip, unprotected. Those burns on my forearm had plagued me for a year and a half. They are gone. I felt that healing happeninging also, and it was slighty uncomfortable, and it took about 2 minutes. But when it was over the pain disappeared. It’s gone.

I am blessed that my friend Romey turned me onto to you, and that the whales and dolphins have found me and want to help. God is great.

I am filled with appreciation. Thank you forever.”

Warmly, with love and respect,


“Mahalia, I can’t believe how much I am learning on this journey with you, how much differently I feel in so many ways and how my true Goddess and blissful light is shining forth so much more naturally than ever!” -Kimm Fuller

“I am so very appreciative of you simply being there with your knowing that expanding health is available and facilitated through sound and light.” My thanks and love, Sarah

“Thank you so much Mahalia for sending my baby girl Hun Bun love and blissful healing. I look so forward to starting my own session with you and think the work you’re doing with Hunny is also having effect on me. Hugs Cathy & Hun Bun’s”

“Aloha Sweet Mahalia,

You sure have some awesome golden-white light connections…..which we are all wonderfully benefiting from….Amen.

My three wishes, I feel are still evolving. Other issues are slowly disappearing. I had an old rib injury which had once again resurfaced. Went to the Chirop., was having difficulty in sleep etc. On last weeks call, I noticed after the call that my rib pain had decreased by at least 40%. My massage therapist was then able to release-unwind the rest…..another Amen.

I feel that my massage work for my clients has even gotten better.

Looking forward to next week’s Brain-Bliss Call.

Many Wonderful Blissful Blessings”…….Lynn

“Love your Dad and you Mahalia! Your work with me with “distance healing” has gotten amazing results quickly! You know your stuff and you come from your heart with love to heal!” -Rev Ray Wiggins
Nashville TN

“The weekly calls on the 3 month Re-Boot have been my anchor allowing me to navigate through a difficult time in my life with flying colors.” -S B. French

“Aloha Mahalia❤️
I achieved one of my goals by the end of the spring Brain-Bliss Re-Boot. To accomplish it I actually had to do three things all of which took stepping out in confidence trusting that I would be on solid footing in the end. I credit my boldness to my confidence in my ability to meet challenges head on with trust that I will be fine and your help with overcoming ANTS was indeed helpful … I thank you for your love and light.” Peace and blessings, Donna

“What Brain-Bliss has done for me? I have more inner peace and strength. More “just knowing.” Everything is happening with gentle subtlety which is good because my old body couldn’t take a massive “make-over.” I have been working on myself for years with many different modalities, removing all these old-layers. WOW…..Brain-Bliss is like my reward for years of dedication for self healing and helping my massage clients. Brain-Bliss is the Cherry on Top of My Sundae. That is a Hot Fudge Sundae to be exact.  LOL.  Looking forward to more “gentle-healing. Your “Gift” is truly AMAZING……..Amen.”

Blissfully Grateful …. Blissfully Blessed ……….. -Lynn

“For two weeks now I’ve taken the multi mineral True Hope and alongside Brain-Bliss, I’ve noticed that my vocabulary has increased, that I am not stumped for words, which had always frustrated me in the past.” -Kimm Fuller

“Aloha and thank you dearest Mahalia,
It’s been very interesting to experience those calls and to listen to your whale sounds …. Their vibrations are finding their way to the deepest core of my cells and leave a vibration of high frequencies and bringing in the feeling of love and light and excitement!” -J.S.

“I was dragging my ass around and sluggish for 24 years. I had head injury after head injury and was mentally apathetic about life. I had given up on ever feeling good again .. now, since experiencing Brain-Bliss Light Sound, I am feeling much, much younger mentally, I feel like I am in my 30’s again. I have let go of trauma from my past. I am focusing on getting healthy and I have energy to do more. I no longer feel like a loser or a failure. The scar tissue has lifted and unexpected positive things are dropping in my lap … and today on my 8th session … I feel clean, expanded, light and free. I was on two calls last Wednesday, plan to be on two this week. I always start to float away when I hear your speaking voice — my body and energy field relate to your voice as the sound of healing. So again, thank you very much.” -Scott

“Mahalia … thank you, thank you.

… That change on our call was real. I am seeing I can have a completely different future over the next 20 years – I can see and know that it is possible and I know I can do anything I wish to do and will do it differently.” -Scott

“Thanks so much, Mahalia. I really appreciate all your guidance.” -J.S.

“I believe in your work, it is astonishing. God has truly given you the gift of love and bliss, healing and joy.” Susan Turner

Dear Mahalia,
“…Really enjoying the healing benefits of your sessions. It just FEELS so right. Just what the doctor ordered. THANK YOU so much. I am ready to do another 3 month session.” -Lynn

“…I forgot to tell you that I have been wanting to quit sugar for so long, and almost right after our first Brain-Bliss Re-Boot session, I did and it was so easy … thank you with all my heart – and head – Mahalia.” -K.F.

Dearest Mahalia,
“Great bliss session this morning.  It coincided with the Course in Miracles message today….the light has come.  So wherever I go I leave a trail of light behind me and light up the path before me.  Thanks so much for the reminder.  Makes such difference when I am mindful.” Love you to bits, Wind

“Oh Mahalia, just want you to know you are loved sooooooo much 🙌 I am so grateful for the amazing work you are blessed to do, and that I can receive it.”  Love and Light, Sadhika xoxoxoxoxoxo

“I love your dance video for brain health.  It really resonates…it tickles my fancy too.”  Love Wind

.. words/benefits used by amazing healer, Marcelo Celis, to describe his experience with fifteen minutes of Brain-Bliss … “I came back to my core, feel more whole and complete, integrated, feel wide open, crystal clear and light, more space within myself, both grounded and present, sparkly state of grace, blissful state, was effortless and fulfilling, space for possibilities, available and centred. Thank you so much.” -Marcelo Celis

“Mahalia Michael has produced magical miracles in her ‘Brain-Bliss’ work with me recently and a couple of years ago when I needed help overcoming a concussion!
Last week I was suffering from hallucinations due to a chemical medication imbalance and she helped align and tune my brain so I could actually see straight and stop having the hallucinations all together.  This is what I had initially wrote to her when I reached out for help “.. more prayers please, 3rd dizzy episode requiring Emergency or Urgent care. No longer Dehydrated nor Urinary TRAC Infection. Seeing soon a Urologist and Neurologist!”
You have to realize that I was seeing people peering in my window and walking down the street that were not really there.  The night I reached out to her with my symptoms she went straight to work through the evening without any physical contact with me, only in the quiet of the night, from a great distance, Vancouver, BC to Nashville, Tenessee!
I woke up the next day feeling so much better.  Here is what I reported “.. Hallucinations were greatly diminished! Very few and not vivid! Thank you!”
The second night, she did the same Brain-Bliss application and this was what I wrote to her the next day “… Had only one hallucination at 4am. There was a smog man in my room leaning against my closet sorta mocking my sleep. I walked toward him and he wasn’t there of course. No other images, no bugs etc,. Less dizzy. Thanks.”
Here is what I reported after my third remote Brain-Bliss session with Mahalia ..
“No hallucinations last night!!!!! Slept well! I was not dizzy so I got a hair cut, bought some groceries, made some phone calls plus worked on Sermon and walked 2.21 miles.”
.. and this is my report about 5 days later “.. I’ve been feeling full of energy! I bought some really cool Summer clothes!”
Mahalia has followed up by coaching me on better foods, oils and supplements to bring my brain back to full bliss. Don’t wait!  Have you had a concussion or head trauma?  Living in a fog? Give Mahalia a call!”
~Reverend Ray Wiggins
Nashville,Tennessee, USA

“Whether it was my coming off a day of functioning almost entirely in my lower-brain and all that goes along with that. But, I don’t think it was only that. Those calls were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

The BEST ever. Seriously.

Mahalia, you are a blessing ~ in the most ethereal ways. Your knowledge and your ability to walk us through the learning curves to totally understanding, believing, and accepting the
lessons you so lovingly bring to us. I wonder if you have any idea how powerful your abilities are to us who have never been exposed to such thoughts before.
Probably not…

Yet, it is obvious that you have found your passion; and, it is perfectly clear that you have spent a lot of time developing it. With your direction, I am becoming more of who I already am. It’s profound enlightenment.

Today, I dial in for another daily does of Mahalia…expecting even more golden light
and more Brain-Bliss moments. But, no! Today was another side of Mahalia. And, she kicked my
butt. And…I really needed that. Powerful. Decisive. No nonsense. Deep probing and gut wrenching questions. The kinds that are easier to ignore than to answer. Add
in healthy doses and Oceans of love to all. All with such a strong and meaningful voice.

Again…I doubt that it’s possible for you to understand…How can I ever express to you my deep gratitude…for so much? Without you and Linda, I would have never known all these exciting
brain facts…or the Bliss that is there for our acceptance and embracing.

And the four private sessions were priceless. While I don’t personally know all the ways I continue to benefit from your touch, I feel it and recognize the power and the importance.” -Lou Ellen

Dear Sister,
Thanks so much for bringing Brain-Bliss into my home.

Mahalia, i just love your voice and the things it does for us… i love making my delta tones to eliminate (gently!) ants and also the dolphin tones to reach up up up – take it up! as you would say! i also loved the heart connection again this morn – wow… this is really meaningful for me … K.

Aloha my Hawaiian Sister, I am so proud of you. You are a star, a guiding light to those of us with brain injuries. You are healing all of us, know that all you do is not always obvious to you. Love you, Z

“After working with Mahalia privately and in group sessions, amazing positive changes have occurred. I channeled with my pendulum, a divination tool, which repetitively gave me the same message, vocal toning. I was familiar with making OM as a sound for healing but had no idea how effective sound was to shift patterns and create lasting results. After working with Mahalia, I have finally found the right therapy for an ongoing health issue and now seeing results, personal emotional triggers have lessened and am much more gentle with myself. Mahalia supported me with self empowering tools for light and sound and loving kindness with words of encouragement. Sound and light therapy is highly effective and is becoming the proven way to transform to your natural birthright, sustained bliss and joy. Thank you!” -Rachel Quigg

“Aloha Mahalia,
How fun .. your animal exercise class! You are the most creative person I know!!! wowoowowowow…. hilarious and fantastic!~
mahalo..just did it.. got a sweat going!” -N.S.

“Mahalia, Brain-Bliss has been extraordinary … I am totally blessed (actually blown-away) by you and your work” -L.E.

“Hi Mahalia🐦

Truly, I can’t tell you how much I have loved this experience and healing time with you.
For the majority of the time, I could literally feel the healing’s, and there were many, and if you recall a couple of them were intense and slightly uncomfortable, but once you explained that-that could happen, I relaxed with the healings. Now when they arrive rarely, I embrace them and I am are grateful for them. Just for the records…the bulging of the sphenoid bone has normalized and the bat wings have relaxed. At one point I thought to myself….”Yikes, I’m turning into a dolphin!” Hahahah!

I never mentioned that from the last traumatic fall I had, I endured a lot of ringing in my ears and flashes of light in my eyes for over two years. It was so difficult to deal with sometimes. Well most of that had subsided before our work together but, I did retain an almost constant-slight ringing in both ears until our time together. It wasn’t like it was before and usually I could dismiss it. But… since our time together, the right side of my head has been completely healed of the ringing. AMAZING! The left side remains, but ever so quietly. I probably only notice it’s there, because the right side is completely healed! What use to be in stereo, is now mono. Hahahaha! I am so grateful!

Okay, I use to sing like a bird. But when I went through all the trauma I went through, I basically lost my ability to talk for about two years and I couldn’t SING a note. It was beyond emotionally painful for me. One of the ways I was able to help others and to offer understanding and to heal people was to sing for them. And that gift was taken away. During this difficult time in my life I thought to myself that I must have done something terrible, that I was not aware of, or that, in a past life I hurt thousands of people. It really wounded me to the core. (I actually believe more in DNA memory than past lives). But it doesn’t really matter, I’m just sharing with you.

Anyway…within the last week, my singing voice has returned and almost at 100 percent! As I was writing to you, I had to see if that was actually true, because it’s such a miracle, so I paused and sang the great love song “That’s All,” all the way through. I am amazed.

I’ve been wanting to write to you and share all of this and more but I have been growing and healing and shocked and stoked and bewildered and astounded daily in so many ways that I also felt exhausted. One night I went to bed and slept 14 hours, from 8:30 PM to 10:30 AM. I’ve never done that in my life. It was then that I realized I was in a healing process that was much bigger than I had imagined possible. Thank you.

Boundaries: Oh my gosh! Through the multiple discoveries in the multiple ways this healing has afforded me, I started to realize how off balance my boundaries were; especially professionally. How, almost unwillingly and almost unknowingly I allowed people to take advantage of me in the worst ways. It’s actually a bit complex to write about but my over extention of unappreciated generosity became unacceptable to me. I realized l had been perpetrating the abuse I experienced as a child to continue into my professional life. Let’s just say, that I was giving away almost 50% of everything I created because it was easier than respecting my gifts and setting clear boundaries with others. Oh my God, Mahalia, the lights went on in my brain and my entire being like they have never been on before. I began to take a clear and direct stance and, man-a-live, the old paradigm of being abused has fallen away. And the love that is pouring into my life is remarkable.

I haven’t been called “Sunshine,” in years and this morning a man that visits his 8 year old daughter everyday for the last 11 and a half months said, “Good morning, Sunshine.” and it’s true, I have returned to joy!

And there’s more! And I have other questions but I’ll save them or I’ll be writing to you till our 4:00PM gathering.

God Bless you Mahalia!

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I’m sending you so much love and many thanks.”


“Patterns can shift and change happens just like that with Brain-Bliss. I was stuck in procrastination for 12 years since my car accident. Since Brain-Bliss things are a lot easier. It is a profound experience. Life is supposed to be easy, fun and no drama. Thank you Mahalia.” J.Williams

From one Brain-Bliss guest about another, both in the recent Brain-Bliss Experience Immersion Retreat in White Rock … “I met a lady that spent over $40,000.00 on counselling for her emotional trauma and brain injuries. She had TWO sessions of Brain-Bliss and she no longer needs help from counselling or medication.” -anonymous

“I personally have worked with Mahalia Michael , she is an Unconditional Powerful Real source UPgrading your BRAIN, so you Can Be Whole, Aware and Awake, and so much more!!!!” -Tammy Lee Schumacher

“After speaking with Mahalia for the first time about Brain-Bliss, I knew I had found something special.  I was blown away by her knowledge and compassion.  I was suffering from a history of depression, vertigo, addiction, multiple concussions and brain fog. Her ability to relate and explain each one of my symptoms in such detail as we worked through them was nothing short of amazing.

In only eight private one on one Brain-Bliss sessions (7 remote and 1 in person) I found a level of contentment and clarity that I did not know was possible.  I now have no outstanding issues, my brain feels good, my vertigo is gone, I am less tempted with distractions and I am much more productive.  I have better word recall, I feel strong and the best part of all, I am operating at a high level vibration.  I hoped to feel this way for a long time and honestly did not know it was possible until I found Brain-Bliss.  Give yourself the gift of Bliss!”   -Chris MacLean Project Manager/Instrumentation Engineer

… after session number 7 …

“OMG, that was POWERFUL, Mahalia, I just woke up from a DEEP REST!!!
I FEEL this energy moving in my lowest back, tail bone area, chakra area sooo open and energy continual movement, felt it during our session, I was amazed as this is my first experience in that area of feeling this, with all the other work I have done over the last decade plus.  I feel especially this part of my body so full of JOY, my cells are Dancing and full of excitement feeling alive for the first time in a long time!!!  I Sooooo Luuuuvvvvvv Understanding the ‘whys’ behind some of my behavior, I Am Creating NEW and More Empowering Neuro Pathways!!!   Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!”  -Tammy Lee Schumacher

“Mahalia is more than a therapist, she is committed to a beautiful life for all. She sees beyond the individual and carries this dream of a better world wherever she goes. From the first day Mahalia and I started to work together, I could feel that Mahalia has always been present with me, I know she is there for me if I need her and that presence gives me strength to face challenges by myself. The work Mahalia does may appear a little strange at the beginning though. Those Brain Bliss sounds are not quite conventional for sure but I kind of liked them so I kept some skepticism while remaining fully open to receive whatever she was giving me. When I fully bought into her gift was during a conference call. As she was making those weird sounds over the phone (and my phone was muted), I felt something big shifted in my chest. As soon as I experienced that sensation, Mahalia stopped making the sounds and said “Ah so nice, did you feel that release in your chest?”. It is at that moment that I knew Mahalia was a “real deal”. The benefits I got from Brain Bliss expanded greatly from that point on as I fully surrendered to the technique.

I do not need to understand how it works and I do not recommend to people to focus on the mechanism too much, I just know that Brain Bliss works and that Mahalia’s work has made my life a better place. Thank you Mahalia.”-Sebastien Chabot Professional Oil & Gas negotiator, Calgary

When I am asked to do a Lummu (now known as Brain-Bliss), I know that past memories will be cleaned as I share dolphin and whale tones and imagine the body, the soul, the heart of the being in their birthright of Luminous Light Sound. A testimony from about 5 years ago … a dear friend, thank you for meeting me Suzanne! <3

… “The Lummu (Brain-Bliss) session I had with you, Mahalia, was awesome and life-changing. As an extremely sensitive person and healing bodyworker myself, I am picky about who I allow to put their hands on me. I knew from the moment I met you that you had a special energy, and this was evident during our Lummu session. I felt completely safe, nurtured, honored and met during the session. I could feel myself shifting away layers of history from my cells and opening to new breath and possibility. Since then (about 5 months ago) I have chosen to take some empowering, very big steps in my life, including moving and ending a long-term relationship. I have also felt a reconnection with my own vitality and sensuality. I feel that your session helped me “over the hump” to realize exactly what I needed to do for myself. Thank you so much for your compassion, presence, and love and for embodying and living what you know to be true. I am blessed to know you and to have gotten the chance to experience your unique healing gifts.”

With Aloha, Dr. Suzanne Schiller

“To be in Mahalia’s presence is like finding a peaceful, loving space on the planet, where I could relax and truly be myself, in stillness with her.  She met me there with her open heart; her authentic desire to connect with me and her powerful gift with sound that created gentle ripples of energetic shifts throughout my body and brain.

I felt ‘seen’ by her, transformed physically and respected just as I am. The best part was realizing that I was given the ultimate gift of loving my body’s own intelligence to heal and to open my life into new possibilities that would continue to unfold over time for me. Thank you Mahalia for extending yourself into the world through Love.” Josette Williams  New Media Strategist and creator of Mobilecast.io

.. my client who has had mild to moderate head injury from 3 car accidents, including a history of being bullied in childhood was released from her ‘inner prison’ after only one brain-bliss 30 minute private session. This was her report when she came back a week later for her second session … “I have more creativity, I am laughing for no reason, smiling often, better sleeping, no night time anxiety so no anti-anxiety drugs for a week. I have better interactive human communication, more sensitivity in nature, I am not over thinking, I am enjoying the moments, not reacting to teasing or negative comments from others and I am super happy at work. :)” -Kelsey Lacroix

“Mahalia, Thank you thank YOU!!! So much for the audio and our high vibes conversation the other day. So much has shifted for me in the past few days. So much more clarity! The audio is amazing. It puts me right to sleep. The animals come to me. And I see myself in my dreams working through challenges (which has not been my current experiences). I can’t quite explain it over email (too many details). But I feel 1000x better than I have in years. So I just wanted to say thank you for all you do … Blessings all ways” … K.S.

“Mahalia is a powerful educator and conduit for healing. I encourage you to check out her website to learn about her transformational teachings and tools. Mahalia is truly a force for evolutionary change!” Harmoney Laurence Pathfinder, Cosmic Scientist, Code Breaker, Keeper of Beauty, Artistic Muse

“.. after only 30 minutes of brain-bliss my hearing is better, I feel more awake, I have more energy, the bump on my head has decreased and I have tingles on my back and left arm .. ” -H.L.

“Mahalia has done wonders in my life.   I have experienced Mahalia’s sessions and they are very gentle …. connecting with the frequencies of whales and dolphins. -anonymous

“Dear Mahalia:

I must take this time to tell you what a profound impact you have had on my life. As a Communication coach and trainer I am always open to bettering myself, but your Brain Bliss program has helped take me to a whole new level of health, healing and mindset. I am much more aware of the body/mind connection, more mentally strong and have a consistent belief in myself and my goals that will undoubtedly ensure and speed up my success in 2015. I recommend all to take a serious look at your amazing program!” Allan Knight M.Ed.

“I was suffering from many symptoms due to PTSD including chronic stress when I met Mahalia. I am happy to say that after only 3 Brain-Bliss sessions I have been able to come off of 3 medications with help from my Psychiatrist, shed over 20 pounds, relieved a chronic wrist pain, opened my own successful business, released unhealthy relationships and met the love of my life. Thank you Mahalia. These results are still with me one year later.” -Kimberly Moore

Mahalia, thank you so very much for my new out look on life! My only 3 “brain-bliss” sessions with you have resulted in regaining of my mind. From fatigue and confusion to energy and clarity. What more could one ask? Thank you! ~Rev. Ray Wiggins

“Thank you so much Mahalia for your kind words … I am so lucky to be working with. You are a True Master… I hope this lasts but for the last 6 hours or so the tremor has significantly diminished. This morning for several hours I practiced deep breathing. The times are fine.” A.K.

“Dear Mahalia, the long term effect from my three brain-bliss sessions with you has been profound. You opened up a part of my brain that wasn’t open before. You freed my third eye so that now when I do my daily meditations I see a purple flower that goes into other patterns and gives me a sense of calm and peace and curiosity.” -Joanne

“Mahalia, you are just as I imagined and I know and respect all the education and people you have learned from an the effort you have made to heal yourself. It is very impressive and you appear to be a bright fine young lady very connected and grounded. I appreciate our differences and our sameness and hope we can help each other in many ways. God bless you. I’m excited to continue this work and am praying for more positive behaviours amongst my family. Love does heal.” -Susan Turner

“Mahalia brings her exquisite divine light to each and every person she touches. As a gifted facilitator of this harmonizing resonance alignment, she channels a universal energetic power that activates and balances not only the physical, earthly body, but the emotional, mental and soul bodies. She creates a nourishing, supportive and transformative experience of symphonic beauty. For those who seek the touch of a higher realm, Mahalia’s grace, wisdom and radiance are extraordinary.” M. McClure Author/Actor

“Mahalia’s brain-bliss sound healing changed my life! She helped me release a ton of foreign energy from my space through toning, chanting, and energy work. Before she worked on me, I was feeling suffocated, intimidated, and controlled by this energy that was negatively effecting my space. After 10 minutes of brain-bliss, I could breathe easier, my senses were 100 times more alive, and I felt an overall awakening of my divine goddess nature. I cannot thank her enough for the beautiful healing work she has done on me. I highly recommend her!” -Feona Musical Composer

“Mahalia Michael and Brain-Bliss.com … thank you for giving me a new level of health in my life; through the power of sound and brain health. I HIGHLY recommend Mahalia’s work for anyone looking to take their life to another level of performance.” -Josette Williams www.mobilemediastyle.io

“Mahalia’s brain-bliss sound healing sessions have been of utmost value to my brain and to my life. Within the very first few sessions, I experienced a sense of simplicity to my life, a sense of wholeness, and profound change to viewing and attracting things into my life. Her ability to feel, see, and change the actual energetic pulsations in my brain were astounding. My brain continuously loved her sounds, the tone, and the direction. I felt my brain moving from a place of shame, guilt, and pain to a place of pure joy, love, and serenity. Her toning gave my brain permission to move away from people who were manipulating me and to recognize when I was feeding their manipulation and control. There was a period of time where I realized it has always been a choice, but my brain was stuck in this rhythm from car accident trauma and felt safe there; constantly creating the same movie. From her BrainBliss sessions, I felt safe enough within myself and empowered to not respond to the things in life that were draining me, but to respond to life where it was giving me joy, success, and self value. My business increased immediately after a few sessions with Mahalia to the point where I was so busy that I could not keep up. The people in my life that were draining me stopped as I had the courage and confidence to say no. I stopped attracting drama with my trauma, and starting attracting people in my life that valued me and ultimately supported my vision in life.” F.L.

“Mahalia’s love, wisdom and generosity are rare and greatly needed on the planet.”

Nikki Spencer, RMT, Hawaii

“When I left my session with Mahalia, I felt like I was on a drug. I was calm, relaxed and happy! I haven’t felt that way in years and years. I think she activated my oxytocin.” -ML

“Mahalia. Thank you so much for the treatment yesterday! I was completely blissed out after and following it, my heart felt so open and my brain felt so relaxed! You are a very talented healer. I felt like I was up with the angels. I also felt so connected to you and it was a real treat.” -LW

“Mahalia is a true healer. Her body work was by far the best I have ever had. Her therapy from two weeks ago is still felt.” Vishaka Das Vedic Astrologer/Musician

“To be honest Mahalia, I don’t know exactly what the healing process was for me but I can only reflect on how I felt afterwards. I felt so purely and non apologetically tuned into my power, my divinity, my goddess, the knower. I felt like whatever transpired during our session, was like a powerful wind swooped in and cleared out stagnant debris and clutter and stuck energy. All that muck was suffocating, silencing and paralyzing my truth – which I know is pure love.” -JL

“Mahalia is an intuitive, inspirational, and humorous presenter and speaker who is an expert on Sound healing for the brain and human sexuality. She is a humble, compassionate, humanitarian with a passion for creating more Love and pleasure on the planet!” Harmoney Laurence

“I was recently diagnosed with Interstitial cystitis of the bladder. Some days the pain was unbearable as well as interfering with my life socially. After three remote brain-bliss sessions with Mahalia I could not believe the difference, it is at least 70% better then what it was, which is amazing. I can now get on with my life and not be preoccupied with the pain.” -Rachel Quigg, Intuitive

“Mahalia did a brain-bliss session with me over the phone from 3000 miles away! She focuses on energy blocks. I do the same thing, but intellectually. She gets down! She can feel them! When she started singing tones over the phone, I relaxed. I know from my research that sound energy and light energy are important in healing. So, I’m lying on my bed, an intellectual guy, letting her do her thing, and telling me exactly what part of the body she is working on. Bottom line is it worked. I didn’t know how blocked I was until afterwards I felt lighter and freer. I think she does most of her work with women, but I’m glad she works on guys too.”

-Art Noble Author of The Sacred Female

“Dearest Mahalia, It is a saying that the right people come into your life at the right time; as when the student is ready the teacher appears, and visa versa. And so it is with meeting you. This letter is to thank you for your help in facilitating the healing of my brain/trauma. During our session your hands were placed primarily on my head and I could feel calmness generating throughout my body. I became very peaceful as I was listening to your soothing words and intonations. At one part of the session, I felt a wave of sadness overcome me, and with your gentle coaxing, I released the emotion and it was immediately replaced with calm. When the session was completed, I felt balanced, grounded, centered in my inner knowingness, and as I spoke with others, I felt purity and love generating throughout my body and in my speech. The next day, my girlfriend of 30 years commented on my eyes and how they sparkled, that I looked and seemed calmer, radiant and more youthful. I found that with the days that followed, my short term memory had returned and I could remember information better than I had for a prior year. Also, my anxiety level had decreased tremendously. Thank you so much Mahalia, for our meeting and the opportunity I have had to experience your phenomenal energy and work for myself. I look forward to our next session.” -Many Blessings, SE

“Thank you for being so exposed for us to learn of a new magnitude of this life. I am honored to know you, to be a part of this divine group and to grow and evolve as a feminine energy who’s time is now.” All Love and Light S.D.

“We shared our Goddess evening that we had with you and amazing energy was there… I believe your presence was very much with us this weekend and a beginning of sharing is now taking place… you shared with us a profound gift…that is having a ripple effect and healing is taking place.” With love and gratitude… S.R.

Hi Mahalia: “It was profoundly deep to connect with you on a dimension which I have dwelt and tried to understand – you almost took away words from my mouth. It was a topic that I have tried to piece together and you provided most of the answers in an open, practical and meaningful manner.” Gratitude and respect to your feminine shakti- with lots of love.” -I. Singh

“THANKS, dear Mahalia, for your ongoing love and support, and for all of the powerful healing work that YOU’RE doing in and for the world.” (WOW!) 🙂 MUCH love to you, fellow traveller, -N. Aswell Musician

“Thank you so much for your sweet and powerful healing. I had been dealing with some deep rooted issues that had manifested themselves in the physical illness we call “pneumonia.” What a blessing this was as it gave me the opportunity to go deep and to really “cleanse” myself of old patterns no longer needed. In order for this to be accomplished, I asked within for help and was told that I needed to do some shamanic healing. The first person that came in to my consciousness for this was Mahalia and, even though I did not know Mahalia all that well or even if she did healing work at all, I trusted this “whispering” and got in touch with her. She agreed without hesitation to meet with me. I won’t go in to all the details of the magic Mahalia performed but I knew right away that she was on the right track as she went straight for the “tender” spot in my heart and with her insightful questions and inner guidance, led me on a journey that took me to the deep rooted “baggage” that had served their beautiful purpose but now time to let go of. Without messing around with “processing”, which really is a time waster; Mahalia simply and gently held me in her probing, pulsating, loving spiritual hands and arms and rocked me to breakthrough after breakthrough. She also suggested some things of a physical nature that I could do to support the transformation I had gone through with her. In one word – AWESOME!!! THANK YOU Mahalia.” M.T Therapist

“When I asked Mahalia for assistance with my healing, I had been experiencing one series of physical ailments after the other seemingly unconnected but forming a long pattern of issues. The problems manifested themselves within my physical body but the patterns suggested a deeper metaphysical reason behind the scene. I had previously tried a variety of different conventional and alternative healing methods, including prolo-therapy, acupuncture, yoga, shiatsu, kiatsu, IMS, cranio-sacral massage and trigger point therapy. Mahalia was able to wisely use her intuition to zero in at a very deep level of understanding of why my body was behaving this way. I guess that for a variety of reasons my body was sending me some not so subtle messages that my physical, mental and emotional bodies were way out of alignment. My body was sabotaging me to get my full attention. She used a combination of massage, meditation and Hawaiian shamanistic rituals that have enabled me to get in touch at a much deeper level with my heart and feelings to commence the journey of self healing and inner reflection. The massage and insights she gave me during the session provided me with a level of relief that I had not experienced in quite a while. However, the most amazing gift she gave me was allowing me to sense with my heart wide open versus my usual pattern of being in my head. I am now able to make those fundamental changes to my life that will result in my optimal health. I truly feel for the first time in 9 years that I am on the right path of healing, health and happiness.” T. Riley

“Thank you, Angel Mahalia. Your effect on me seems to heighten something that has its own words, kind of like channeling the energy.” Smooches and Aloha. Noelani

 Praise for the Brain-Bliss book

“In ‘Brain-Bliss,’ Mahalia guides us into self-love and self-delight with tremendous passion and joy. Her writing is a clear transmission from the heart. All who read her words have the opportunity to receive the shakti-filled gift she offers so generously.”
Amrita Grace,
Author of Reclaiming Aphrodite-
The Journey to Sexual Wholeness

“Everyone needs to read this book at least a dozen times to embed Its high wisdom and to ensure that they have planted into their consciousness the knowledge within these pages that have been offered and gifted to us all. The more often that I read it, the more that I notice that my mind and body are automatically applying so many of these concepts without even my trying to do so!!

Linda Rose,
Author, Intuitive
Raw Food Chef/Instructor

“I loved ‘Brain-Bliss’… from beginning to end!” Suzanne Paxton, Photographer

“Mahalia has the natural ability to illuminate and inspire us through her writing! ‘brain-bliss’ is on the leading edge of how to BE in and have more fulfilling relations, on all levels, with ourselves and others. Thank you Mahalia for sharing your wisdom with great joy, courage and authenticity.”

Harmoney Laurence,
Singer, Songwriter, Poet
Life Coach, Divine Openings Healer + Giver

“I’m just blown away with your book! ‘brain-bliss,’ was more than I anticipated. I read it twice to recapture the feminine essence of love, passion and pleasure.
I. Singh,Tantra Devotee
Manager: Vitamins+More

“Mahalia’s bold and well-researched theory is that the proper balance between one’s Shakti femininity and Shiva masculinity (practiced en masse) will lead to the ultimate reality of peace for humankind, the portal to Heaven on Earth. Through her writing, intelligence, caring and joy, Mahalia will take you to so many wondrous and mind-blowing places.  She will tenderly teach you how to unlock the floodgates to your Brain-Bliss, perhaps even for the very first time! Don’t miss her informative, affectionately guided tour on the road to self-discovery, personal knowledge and freedom.” -Mandy Berlin, Co-author with Madisyn Taylor, Sunny Dawn Johnston and others in the compilation book, No Mistakes!: How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance