Academy of Brain Bliss

‘Emissary of Allumina and The Bliss Revolution

Certification opportunity

Inform. Inspire. Transform. 

Have you ever wondered how you could ‘share’ more of the 
Brain Bliss experience with those you Love?  


We may have a solution!
Emissary Definition:   A messenger on a Mission. 
One who carries  special knowledge, gifts or services 
that advances the interest of another.
Our Academy of Brain Bliss ‘Emissary of Allumina’ Certification Program is a fresh NEW Baby and will be evolving to fully launch by early 2020.  
If you have any interest and or you are already a graduate of all or several of our programs, you qualify to take on this FUN opportunity to be an Emissary of Allumina,  
Messenger of whale and dolphin light sound,
Dancer of the mystical mandala, 
Sharing our futuristic light sound technology.
Write to us to learn more about how you can bring
more Heaven to Earth by partnering with us at
The Academy of Brain Bliss.
Thank YOU and Oceans of LOVE from Mahalia and the Bliss Family


Why become an Emissary of Allumina and The Bliss Revolution??  Why not??


“The original Human, prior to genetic modification, functioned in complete harmony with all other forms of life and in total symbiotic resonance with the evolutionary light code of its solar system, responding in full conscious communion to even the softest whisper carried on the solar winds and every photonic nuance held in a ray of light.

That Human race did not need to be organized.

The new model of existence will not be born of the mind as a theory, it will be understood in the mind, felt in the heart, made tangible in the body and birthed into time and space through frequency … through sound.

The new paradigm will be spun from the electro-dynamic ignition of a quantum mass of holistic Human consciousness emitted as a transcendent body frequency as the result of the resurrection of Human bio-circuitry and the resultant activation of the light body.

This transcendental harmonic code creates the cymatic geometry that forms the infrastructure of manifestation.

Sound structures form.

Form is the shape of consciousness.

Due to the magnetic dynamic created by the impending alignments of planets and of people, the transformation of the field has already occurred: the shock waves are reaching out to us from the future, moving out from the fulcrum of its event-horizon like ripples in a pond.

Its influence is drawing us in to its magnetic field, the resplendence of which echoes our divine immortal blueprint.

A transcendent field is a powerful thing.

As the comprehensive manifestation of the Source directive, it is the mother of resonant transformative systems, the ultimate holistic virus.

Assisted by the compatibility of the governing holography of unified systems, it downloads into and corrupts mutant matrices within all its subsystems and temporal zones.

All structures and programs whose energy dynamics do not owe their existence to the supreme organizing principle of the true tantric directive are recalibrated.

The periphery of this implosion is here now: its transmission is finding ways to run its programs through our computational awareness.

Reconnected circuitry allows this to occur more comprehensively.

The Worldbridger Circuit, specifically, is integral to the acceleration and integration of this download.

Repeated exposure to its code and geometry initiates an activation/integration dynamic.

To accommodate and integrate the amplification of energetic data we must recalibrate to its frequency which initiates a cleanse.

All programs running on old data will be up for review as will the appropriate response to illusory stimuli.

The sounds to which a Human is exposed are significant, but so too are the sounds a Human emits.

As electromagnetic frequencies are downloaded into the endocrine system via circuitry, the body emits an altered frequency resonant with the divine immortal directive, collectively weaving a holistic reality in which anything that owes its existence to the subjugation of the male or female potencies of creation will not be able to hold its molecular structure.”

by Juliet Carter