Blissfull Mermaid Mist 

for Full Body Energization

is available now.    

An Oceanic Infusion of:
*3 Essential Oils  
(soft, soothing, gentle scent)
*Purified Water
*Mother of Pearl Shells 
​*the Allumina Technology 
*​Dolphin Kisses
*Mermaid Sparkles
*and .. Whale LOVE 
For Best Results with ‘Blissfull Energization’, 
Bath your Crown with 
3 Mer Mistings, 3 Times per Day. 🙂 
“Aloha Beautiful Mermaid Mahalia,
I have received your parcel today.
Thank you! The mist is just Divine and Sublime. 
I sprayed around the head and I experienced 
feeling of sacredness and protection. 
It is potent.”  I.L.
I absolutely adore that mermaid mist. 
You have got to get that out on the market. It’s amazing.
I want a gallon of it please please please. 
Now you know what I want for Christmas, my  Birthday, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, all Saints Day,
 July the 1st Holiday,  Valentines Day and on all of my children and grandchildren’s birthdays. Hahaha. 
 There, that should keep me going for a few years. 
 Hahaha.”    Love you girl.  -Linda Rose
The Mermaid Mist smells soooo lovely.”  
With Gratitude,
Thank you for doing Brain Bliss business with us!
We do not make any promises or guarantees about our products and or services although we strive to bring a greater level of peace and enjoyment to life.




With only a few pumps from our cobalt blue Brain Bliss misting bottle, ‘Blissfull Mermaid Mist’ has been measured with Dousing Rods and shown to be 100% effective in amplifying the auric field from a minimum of 1 foot due to lower body energy voltage to over approximately 30 feet, increasing connection to the source field of light.

Blissful Mermaid Mist is softly, luxuriously aromatic with delicate, intoxicating scents to whisk you into the Brain Bliss state. 

Our mist is an easy and effective way to boost your body and brain upon waking in the morning, to completing chores and work in your day and or to breath life into your evening with a mer misting just before bed. 🙂 

Shipping for North American Customers will be an additional $10.00


Shipping for European Customers will be an additional $25.00