Allumina Book 1 – The Power of Sound Application for Brain and Body Regeneration by:

Mahalia Michael and Melinda Meszaros PhD

Based on Mahalia’s true life story of overcoming debilitating head injury, PTSD and deep personal trauma, she shares the keys to optimizing the health of your brain and body using the science of light, sound and breath.

Allumina Book 1 is a gateway into the power of sound and light language from the frequency of our loving dolphin and whale clans who are here to advance and accelerate human potential.

Tune the musical instrument of your brain to release trapped trauma and turn on your brilliance.

Book Forward:

“Sound will be the future of medicine.” –Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), Father of Holistic Medicine and the most documented psychic of the 20th century.  

Thanks to Mahalia Michael the future is here today. Mahalia marries the science of sound, brain and body with the mystery and magic of the Allumina Technology, delivering breakthrough, experiential and long-lasting health and bliss to all who participate.

I don’t think that most of us consider the possible damage done to our brain from minor head injuries and life’s stressors. We just continue our lives, assuming that the bumps and bruises are part of it. By the time we have had a few of these injuries we discover that we are living dysfunctional, addicted, emotional or health challenged lives in some way, shape or form but never relating it to the brain trauma.  

Our brains are responsible for most of our emotions, actions, words, thoughts and attitudes. If our brains aren’t “right”, our lives will be chaos. Mahalia’s brilliant teachings & transmissions with BrainBliss and the Allumina Technology can transform all of this for us so we can live functional, thriving, productive, healthful and blissful lives.

Through Mahalia’s work I have experienced beautiful, expansive states of bliss and oneness. I have personally witnessed many physical and emotional transformations for myself and others thru her gifts of remote viewing and sound transmissions. She is a treasure and on the leading edge of available new health technologies.

Thank you, Mahalia for bringing the gift of sound, bliss, health and vitality to the forefront. I am ever grateful for your willingness to share these blessings with us!”

Nikki Spencer ND, MST 

Big Island, Hawaii   

February 2019


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In Allumina book 1, ‘The Power of Sound Application for Brain and Body Regeneration’ we are introducing a unique form of sound healing technology, the Allumina Technology, that is rooted both in science and spirituality.

We have gone to great lengths to satisfy the scientific mind with regards to how this technology could work with our current understanding and yet also want to convey the bridge to the mystical realm that allows for the ‘sonic improbabilities’ to take place.  We have discovered that there cannot be one without the other.

The biological and physiological regenerative aspects of the human brain, nervous system, heart, blood, bones, cells, neurons, down to the DNA is the diving platform that takes us on a high jump into the ocean of light and sound from a Universal, musical consciousness which astounds in creating natural order.

The Allumina Technology and all of the BrainBliss programs have been designed with this in mind. We strive to initiate and support the neural acoustic regeneration of the body’s innate ability to find its path back to light and sound via whale, dolphin and Great Central Sun scalar frequencies.