‘Reflections’ uses a variety of acrylic paints, gems stones, Lemurian seed crystals, figurines, Swarovski crystals, shells, glitter, LOVE, prints and a variety of sacred Mandala’s from the art cards of Paul Heussenstamm at www.mandalas.com. 

This style of meditative creative expression is inspired by the unseen mystical and musical energy of the heavenly whale and dolphin light sound that surrounds us at all times.  Please click on any painting below to zoom in and see the full gallery in greater detail. 

Some of these photos are of paintings before they dried completely.  Colors and textures vary once the paint is dry.  These paintings are created based on the primordial light sound, color and design signature for the person that the art was destined to reflect back to. 

We hope you enjoy the feeling you experience while meditating on the vibrational imprint that eminates with LOVE from each unique design.


Big Blu


New Wings  … a poem written at the start of my brain healing journey

My chrysalis, my cocoon
born innocent and fresh
life still damp
afraid to fly
not able to cry

stumble and bump
crashing walls
breaking windows
dried up in deserts
lost in mountains
stuck in trees

My broken wings and me

Tiptoed on shattered glass
pulled up in dusty corners
smashing caves

combating hungry trenches
eaten by lions
choked by snakes

drowned in illusion
burned at the stake

dying one thousand deaths
to find my body
lifeless on your table

bruised and aching
from my messy flight

landing by a heart beat
a flutter of my anxious hope

allowing your science to repair me
trusting your precision to
rebuild my fragile web

restructure my steel frame
infuse my span with energy

dynamic life emerging
another birth for your love

wet with anticipation
big and strong and wise and free

My new wings and me

March 2009. copyright.