About Mahalia Michael

Aloha and Welcome …
I am so happy that you found me here and want to learn about who I am and how I may enhance your life experience. My story might be similar to yours, so let me tell you of my path to healing and how I came to help others.

When I opened up to finding my BrainBliss, I had literally reached rock bottom. I was leading a very dysfunctional life that was not equal to how I was raised or what I believed in. I had been searching everywhere to find an answer for my fragmented life and aching heart. I did not realize that the dirt bike accident I had at age 13, crashing 30kms per hour head first into a garage wall holding 1,000 antique records was the main culprit. Although not one antique record broke, my brain became a broken record stuck on repeat.

Seven debilitating head injuries later I found myself flying through the air off of another bike, going head first into a boulder. That was when my life flashed before my eyes and I prayed to the invisible world around me. Please help me! Please show me the truth. What is wrong with me? Why am I so stuck? Where is my happiness?

While in the ditch of my life, I had met a new friend, who showed up like an angel in my life. I shared the symptoms of my troubled existence with him and he told me about Dr. Swingle. I had never heard of psychoneurophysiology. I did not know there was such a thing as brainwave therapy, yet my trusty friend suggested that I make an appointment. My assessment with Dr. Swingle confirmed what I was living with. While sitting face to face in his office, he carefully announced that I had the brain waves of a war veteran and that I had a disability. I finally got the answer to my lifelong disfunction. He asked me if I wanted to get unstuck, off the repeat. With an emphatic yes, I was led down a winding path to deep, personal enquiry and healing.

Once I started brainwave biofeedback sound therapy sessions with Dr. Swingle, my brain began its healing phase and my newly re-activated extra-sensory perception allowed me to see the illuminated dimension on earth, the other world. As my brain healed with sound, I remembered myself as an enigmatic little girl, who could hear, see and communicate with a magical realm. My childhood ability for clairaudience, medical intuition and remote seeing were re-awakened. Back in the “real” world, I kept questioning, praying, studying and clearing my old cocoon away. In time, the radiance of my heart, mind, soul and physicality began to emerge.

MahaliaMy awakening continued with a wonderful, magical experience many years later. While living in Hawaii, I spent six months swimming with the dolphins and hearing the humpback whales from the beaches of the Hawaiian islands. It was while swimming under water in the musical frequencies and radiant light of their sounds that I was activated.  One day, after swimming with what appeared to be an ancient tribe or species of dolphins, I spent the day lit up and in absolute Bliss. I was then able to hear, see and feel the source of trauma and the shadow frequency that was debilitating me and my clients.

I use this unique ability of seeing into the brain, heart and nervous system, combined with extensive personal study of neural science to transform these traumas into improved brain and body function. I reflect the light-sound quality or frequency of my client’s nervous system, bones, brain and heart with a similar whale and dolphin tone. This light-sound, which I now call Allumina technology, clears the shadow frequency while regulating overall brain function.

When I realized that I was living in a state of dysfunction and separation from Source, I then discovered how many millions of people had similar traumatic experiences as I had. I couldn’t help but think, their life might also be out of balance, yet they may not be aware of how or why. If my experience and gifts can help even one person, my journey has been worth it.

Mahalia Mermaid Michael 🙂