“The Brain-Bliss experience is the perfect blend of science, spirituality and intuition.” -Surbhi Raja

Why Light and Sound and how will it help me?

1.  Have you ever hurt yourself REALLY bad, at any time in your life, and shook it off as nothing serious or had someone tell you to shake it off without allowing you to truly ‘feel’ the hurt and release it?

2.  Have you ever had trauma to your skull and brain, possibly a car accident or childhood incident where you went numb, saw stars or completely gapped, causing you to go unconscious during the experience due to shock?

3.  Have you ever struggled in dramatic situations in your life either in relationships, jobs, family encounters or health issues and remained on a victim script, stuck in a repeat scenario, unable to leverage yourself enough to move away from the emotional bondage?

4.  Have you been struggling with addiction, memory loss, brain fog, insecurity, low self worth, weight issues, slow speech or stuttering, pain, struggle and emotional, mental or physical suffering?  Were you ever bullied?

5.  Are you super healthy, successful, prosperous, great with intimacy, fulfilled all of your goals, dreams and wishes so far and have access to bliss at all times yet, you would still like more?

6.  Are you ready to dance into a newer, fresher, expanded life experience?

If you answered YES to any of the first 5 questions and a resounding YES to the 6th question then Brain-Bliss is for you.  Continue reading to find out how we can serve you and your needs.

The Academy of Brain Bliss is a premiere luxury online destination designed with products and services to transport you, our guest, with ease and grace to living the life of your dreams.  We guide you from the old paradigm of pain, suffering and heart ache or heart break due to the effects of personal, physical, mental and or emotional loss or trauma into a new paradigm of passion, pleasure and freedom.

Our LightSound is a proven holistic system designed to enrich your life and the life of those you love.  We use advanced audible and inaudible rainbow light sound whale and dolphin frequencies infused with ALLUMINA technology, created by Mahalia Michael, to optimize your body, heart and brain function.

How it works …

Our LightSound optimizes the electrical current or voltage in our brain, heart and body to one of a highly tuned musical instrument.  We do this by cleaning away any disturbance waves and or shadow frequency.  The shadow frequency is a stuck vibration from stress or trauma typically found in the body, heart, bones and or brain.  

This stuck vibration is considered a disturbance wave. Brain-Bliss lightsound cleans this disturbance wave with low delta tones and adds a wave form of light music counter spiraling in the DNA. This reminds each cell of its perfect original DNA template. This is time reversed transparency using the right dosage and amplitude of sound, light, breath and color.  We are in the age of transparency and this is why we can offer Brain-Bliss light sound from a distance … using skype, phone or just by being in the field in the comfort of your own home.

Brain-Bliss LightSound is applied from a remote distance, through space and time, utilizing natural light and loving sounds shared by the loving and forgiving white dolphin and whale clans. 

The definition of remote:  from a distance or relating to the acquisition of information about a distant object without coming into physical contact with it.  The brain-bliss light sound healing remote sessions are similar to the invisible working current of cel phone technology, internet, television, electricity and or radio.  They all work within an ethereal, unseen field.  Mahalia uses remote seeing and clairaudience to tune into the field of an individual or group in order to clean and amplify the current and communication in the brain waves. 

Mahalia’s remote sessions are as effective as if they were done in person.

We are tuning the musical instrument of you with loving light sound, breath and presence. 

Brain-Bliss LightSound rehabilitates both men and women who have been struggling and living unsuccessfully with the side effects of personal mental, emotional, physical and or sexual trauma. We help you to successfully overcome these side effects within a short amount of time using this enhanced neural acoustic regenesis, so that you can live a more authentic life equal to or greater than your dreams.

Symptoms from these traumas can include but are not limited to:

*anxiety/panic attacks



*short or long term memory loss

*fears and phobias

*chronic pain

*delusional thinking


*procrastination and or repeating words and experiences over and over again

*slow or slurred speech/stuttering

*loss of personality

*numbness to life

*suicidal thoughts or tendencies 

*foggy thinking


Brain-Bliss Light Sound helps to protect the future of our guests by giving you tools to support your journey into self love, self wholeness and self regeneration.  Our LightSound also helps those who are leading a successful, happy life to optimize more of their brilliance.

Backed by twenty years of research and development and five years of clinical trials, Brain-Bliss LightSound is now proven effective for:

*rehabilitation and relief from mild to moderate head injury/concussion

*releasing trauma (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual .. past or present)

*releasing sexual guilt and shame

*releasing depression

*releasing pain

*releasing addiction

*releasing anxiety

*releasing PMS

*releasing of weight and inches

*increased energy

*increased income

*increased business success

*relief of stress

*increased self-respect

*softer, smoother skin

*improved short and long term memory

*improved sleep

*improved hearing

*improved social skills

*improved libido

*increased happiness

*cessation of anti-depressants (4 different prescriptions so far)

*cessation of marijuana use with no withdrawal symptoms

*cessation of cigarette smoking/addiction

*cessation from watching violent movies

*calming of turbulent emotions

*feelings of balance in the brain and body

*decrease in rage and physical harm

*increase in adaptability

*past life recall and resolve

*better parenting

*more tuned with natural instinct, environment and intuition

*mastery of craft (work/passion)

*brain more alert and giving positive direction to make stronger choices

Brain-Bliss LightSound is not guaranteed and potentially effective for up to 70% of people. Results may vary from 20% – 100% success rate.

If you are asking yourself … How does my brilliance get turned on with Brain-Bliss LightSound energy … what is involved in the process … ?  We have done our best to describe what is involved in the process below:

On the surface, Brain-Bliss LightSound is very simply, gentle and comforting.  You sit or lie down in a comfortable position in your home and begin with a connection on the phone with Mahalia.  This connection allows Mahalia to ‘view’ your ‘field’ and the Brain-Bliss LightSound begins.  You will here interesting sounds and breath from Mahalia and she might ask you to make some sounds.  She will coach you through the changes that are taking place and when adjustments occur.  

Most people feel deeply rested during and after a call.  There are many positive benefits that arise in ones life once the dust of the shadow or emotions from your past are cleaned up.  What you experience and results you enjoy will be unique and special to you.  

On a deeper, more biological and neuro acoustic level, we are applying natural sound spheres  to your mirror cells thus optimizing your pineal gland, switching you from old brain to new brain, lighting up neurotransmitters, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, DMT,  toning your angel brain, cleaning acids to promote alkalinity, balancing white matter and grey matter, calming myelination, adjusting sympathetic to para-sympathetic, amping electrical conductivity, cleaning your hologram or field, coaching the pain body into a free body, heart purification and holiness, release of grief and low self worth, smoothing cortisol and nitric oxide to awaken more of your DNA intelligence, purifying your bones, bone marrow, blood and skull, awakening neurogenesis, sending isochronic whale and dolphins tones, orchestrating rhythm in your brainwaves, alpha, beta, delta, theta, gamma, altering shadows to increase light, illuminating the fear response to make space for LOVE, activating your neuroplasticity with the science of epigenetics, cheering your primal super powers, breathing you through your tipping point, encouraging your hypothalamus, pituitary, amygdala and hippocampus to sing in a natural 432 harmony while using your own voice with its unique phi ratio, sending long held soprano tones for purification and stimulation of the root chakra, reverently listening to your acoustic feedback, reverb, breath, light and dance while replacing your brain helmet with your brain-bliss by using remote viewing, medical intuition, clairaudience, alchemy, compassion … and LOVE.


Listen to 60 minutes of Whale Songs Here